Time Savings

  • Time spent assembling instruments from count sheets
  • Time spent by staff waiting in the OR room for instrument count sessions
  • Time spent by patient under anesthesia during the instrument counts
  • Time spent finding and identifying instruments

Financial and Resource Savings

  • Convert metrics from "Time Savings" into dollar amount based on time spent by each staff member
  • Less risk of instruments lost to theft, disposal, and negligence
  • Better tracking of actual instruments and items used per case, equates to less waste and better planning

Safety and Risk

  • Less time spent by patient under anesthesia equates to better safety and less risk
  • Less risk of instruments being lost inside of patient
  • Less risk of human error in counting and tracking instruments
  • Assurance of instrument condition, marked per scan checkpoint:
    • Sterile/Unsterile
    • Decontaminated/Contaminated
    • Inspected/Uninspected
  • Notifications for instruments that are:
    • Expired/near expiration
    • In need of maintenance
  • Prevention of Unsterile, Contaminated, Uninspected, Expired, Unmaintained and otherwise defective or unsuitable instruments from reaching the operating room table
  • Extra assurance to staff and patients regarding the hospital's use of best practices and properly prepared instruments
  • With less attention spent on instrument counts, condition, and location, attention may be given to more crucial factors closer to core healthcare, such as patient safety and healing

Compliance and Maintenance

  • Ability to store the FDA's GUDID for any required device identification
  • Track each maintenance cycles and expiration dates per instrument
  • Ability of users to mark tools as "lost", "damaged", or add other custom annotations
  • IFU lookup available per instrument

Employee Job Satisfaction

  • Software that is truly a pleasure to use due to its intuitive and simple interface
  • Replaces laborious manual counting with an easy sweeping scan motion
  • Reduces frustration over inaccurately assembled cases due to its assistive build process